jung lee selfish gift guide

I am too lazy with posting these days to do a formal gift guide, plus there are a ton of great ones out there and you're just going to get everyone soap this year so who cares. So, my 2013 official gift guide is stuff I want and I want it NOW from my new favorite store, Jung Lee.

Since my (hopefully) new apartment will consist of a mattress on the floor because I can't pull the trigger when buying furniture, what better way to make it look great than with some gorgeous accessories, and I'm finding that Jung Lee is incredibly well curated and not too expensive (sometimes). Check out my faves here.

Lombok Shell Necklace on a pedestal

Coco large oval mirror

Fast large porcelain vase

Feather clock by Maison Martin Margiela

Open Typical Trompe L'oeil Door Print (to stick on a door to help you forget that you're living in a 400 square foot box)

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